Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hello, lovelies! As you probably deduced from the title, we are closing Tea for Three Books. Our unintentional hiatus has lasted nearly a year, and with no planned end in sight, we have all agreed that it's time to say goodbye indefinitely. As terribly inconsistent bloggers as we were, running this blog has been such fun, and we are going to miss interacting with everybody.

But all of us are on social media, so we aren't disappearing completely! If you ever want to chat, our links are below.
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Twitter: @lissian11 | Instagram: willowwrenn | Tumblr: willowwrenn
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See you around the interwebs!

[Note: Reviews, interviews, and the like will eventually be moved to one of our personal blogs (most likely Erin's), so they are not lost for good. If there's something you think we should save, let us know!]