The Tea Drinkers

 Amanda | 27 | Sci-fi/Fantasy & YA

Full-time writer & student, part-time artist, and currently working towards a degree in Creative Writing for Media. I also go by Lybella, so don't be confused. I've been a lover of books for as long as I can remember (I had a huge bookshelf, stuffed full, at the age of 4) and a tea drinker for the past six years with plans to become a certified tea master soon. My favorite authors are Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, Maria V. Snyder, Cassandra Clare, and John Green.

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Erin | 18 | YA Paranormal, Fantasy, & Romance; NA Romance

I'm a self-professed bibliophile and a bit of an introvert. I've only just started to drink tea, but have been reading books my whole life (I have over 800 and counting). My rule of life is: Never go anywhere without a book. Some of my favorite authors include Cassandra Clare, Melissa de la Cruz, Robin LaFevers, Holly Black, and Sarah J Maas.

Lisa | 27 | Romance, Fantasy, & Biographies

I'm a bookworm who prefers nothing more then a rainy day snuggled up with a book in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other. I grew up with a long-winded History-buff father who loved to read to me. My first memories were of Tolkien's Smaug and history's King Arthur. Some of my favorite authors are David Eddings, Jane Austen, Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Julia Quinn.

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Sir Wellington T. Novel III, Esq.

Call me Welly, if you will. I am the head of Collectables & Antiquities and am well versed in the preservation of documents. Being an amicable and gentlemanly fellow, I makes friends easily, especially with authors. To read about my visits with author friends, I refer you to my  special tag, found here.