Friday, September 6, 2013

Vampire Week: Erin Talks Vampires

Vampire Week is an event hosted here at T3 to celebrate the release of Holly Black's
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Click the banner for more information.

Today I bring you an interview I conducted with myself about vampires and vampire books (mostly vampire books) (Because something fell through and I had to make up a fill-in last minute :D).

Who was your favorite Coldtown character? Why?
Probably Gavriel, because in a way he reminded me of Myrnin from Rachel Caine's Morganville Vamipres, and I am quite in love with Myrnin, even though he's crazy as hell. But back to Gavriel, he's sane with bouts of crazy (where Myrnin is crazy with bouts of sane), so I have to give him the edge over Myrnin. Plus he is so adorable at the end of Coldtown.

What did you think of the Coldtown short story elements featured in the novel?
I loved them! When I was about 100 pages into the novel, I paused and re-read the short story, and when I came back to the novel I was all like, "Ooooohhh." There were parts that mirror the short story, down to a couple almost exact passages, and I thought that was so cool!

Would you want to be a Coldtown world vampire? Free or locked up?
Hmm. . .well, personally, I wouldn't want to be a Coldtown vampire, but I also wouldn't want to be a human (Always watching the sun and afraid of getting bitten, possibly going Cold. No thanks). So I guess, if forced to choose, I would go vampy. And I would want to be in a coldtown, just so I wouldn't have to always wonder when I would get my next meal. (Gross, I know, but I'm a vampire in this situation, so I gotta tell it like it is.) Also, I think coldtowns are just a tiny bit safer for vamps than the outside would.

Would you want to be a vampire in general?
YES. I think I would want to be a Night World vamp, they always stuck with me. I mean, they can go in the sun and only get a slight weakening of their powers. And they have mind powers, and that's really cool.

What are your favorite vampire books?
 I did a more complete list yesterday, so I'm going to stick with my Top 2 today. #1 is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. And #2 I'm gonna say is Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz, though Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is a very close 3rd.

Who is your favorite vampire from those books?
Well, you know who my fav vamp from Coldtown is already, so from Blue Bloods it would have to be Jack. (And from VA, Adrian.)

Is there a certain book that got you into vampires?
Twilight. I read the Twilight books in 6th grade, and they really opened up the vampire (and YA!) world to me.

Read any good non-vamp books lately?
No :( I've been in quite the reading slump, so if you have any recs, drop them in the comments. (PLEASE!)

(Since we are all about tea here, I must ask myself a tea-related question.) If you were to be a tea, what kind would you be?
I don't know. I'll just go with my favorite tea, Chocolate Mint. Mmmmm, Chocolate Mint. I'm going to make a cup right now!

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See you tomorrow for the last day of Vamp Week!


  1. I like Blue Bloods! Although I haven't read a lot of vampire series, Vampire academy is my fave!

  2. I confess, Twilight was the book that brought me into YA. Harry Potter got me into reading, but it was Edward that really drew me in :)

  3. i was definately drawn into the twilight series... and i loved it


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