Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vampire Week: Would You Like To Live In a Coldtown? Poll {CLOSED}

Vampire Week is an event hosted here at T3 to celebrate the release of Holly Black's
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Click the banner for more information.

In The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, the government quarantines vampires in walled cities called "coldtowns" to keep them from spreading vampirism further. All it takes is a bite for the infection to take hold, and it stays in your system for around 88 days. Over that time, you are overcome with bloodlust, and if you get any human blood, you turn.

No one leaves a coldtown once you're in. But if you turn a vampire in, you can get cash OR a marker that will allow 1 human to go free. Humans live in coldtowns because they were there when the walls went up and it became quarantined, or they want to become a vampire, so they go in hoping they can convince one of the vamps inside to turn them. (These humans are also known as "fangbangers" because they typically donate blood.)

If you enter a coldtown because you're infected, like Coldtown heroine Tana, and you make it through the 88 days without turning, you are still stuck in that coldtown, unless someone from the outside gets you a release marker.

Note: If you vote in the poll, you get an extra entry in the giveaway below. It is the same rafflecopter that's on the kickoff giveaway post.

If you guys still want to collect a "Comment on a Day 2 post" entry with this post, leave a comment with your unofficial vote in this poll (or just a comment in general). Poll options:
Would you want to live in a coldtown?
     —Yes, as a vampire
     —Yes, as a human "fangbanger"
     —Yes, because I got infected

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