Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday (3)

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Top Ten Most Vivid Worlds/Settings In Books.

This is so hard, I don't read enough high fantasy/dystopian novels to really know a lot of great worlds/settings. I'm not exactly sure if these are very vivid worlds or not, but they're my favorite.

1. Seven Kingdoms/The Dells (Graceling Realm series) *

3. Brittany (Grave Mercy/His Fair Assassin series)

4. Avalon/Faerie (Faeriewalker series)

5. Violet Hill (The Drake Chronicles series)

6. Uglies world (Uglies series)

7. St. Vladimir's Academy (Vampire Academy series)

8. Night World (Lots of different places, but Las Vegas in particular.) (Night World series)

That's it! They're in no particular order, and link to Goodreads. The maps link to where they can be found, just click 'em. Not every world/setting had a map, so I included the ones I could find.

* This was originally two separate maps, The Seven Kingdoms and The Dells & Pikkia. I edited them together.



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  2. Loved how you added the pictures of the world! Fantastic idea. I completely forgot about Ravka, I knew i was forgetting some awesome worlds! I do love high fantasy!


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      Thanks for stopping by!

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